Meet The Director...

Erica Jourdan, MSW, Director of Adoption Options Consulting, has over a decade of personal and professional experience in the adoption field. She has coached hundreds of families along the path to becoming both foster and adoptive parents. In addition, she is, herself, the adoptive mother of three. Having learned that there is no "one size fits all" in the world of adoption, her approach with families is open, non-judgmental, and flexible. 

"We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Erica for all her wisdom and  support while pursuing our home study and potential adoptions.  She is  very knowledgeable, professional and personal in her educational  process.  We highly recommend Erica to anyone considering adoption or  needing support at any stage." 

Eileen and Lars Johnson

"Erica has a commitment to excellence, dedication to those she serves, and tireless ability to do whatever it takes to accomplish her work.   She is highly adept at motivating and bringing out the best in people. She is a strong communicator, dedicated professional, and is self-motivated. Personally, I think Erica is an exceptional person of high integrity."   ​​  

Diane Delafield